you are your brand

You Are Your Brand

Why Medical Practice Branding and Logo Design Is So Important

How important is medical practice branding? Well, let me ask you – after waking up in the morning, and perhaps after your first coffee, what do you do? Look in the mirror to ensure that you’re looking as good as possible, right? Having the right branding for your practice is as critical as marketing a logo that is reflective of your practice’s best attributes and philosophy. In our age of Instagram, Snapchat and selfies, we recognize that our society makes instant conclusions based on how we look – including our brand logos. Your logo should convey everything you would want a potential patient to know and highlight your practice’s USP (unique selling points). After all, it is one of the hallmark statement-making pieces for your office.

In designing a logo you must consider all the elements that make up your brand. From the colors to the font style to the use of potential icons, each one of these attributes helps define your practice’s personality and values. Is your practice modern and sleek? Perhaps then you would consider using black and white in a sans-serif font with a minimalist icon. Are you more holistic and nature-oriented? Then perhaps shades of blue with cursive font and soothing elements would be most appropriate for your brand. The best way of identifying these design details is by humanizing your brand. Think of your practice as a person. What would she or he like to drink? What brands would she or he shop? What type of workout would your brand do? Favorite car? Preferred music? By bringing your brand to life, you will be able to creatively conceptualize the most complete and best version of your practice. This will set the tone for what your patients should expect to experience in and out of your office. From the interaction with your staff to how their treatment is designed, your brand’s personality sets the foundation for the full patient experience pathway.

Consistent and cohesive branding is also key to a  practice that’s looking to expand to include other services offerings like a medspa. Under the same practice umbrella, these extensions reflect the same philosophy and level of care as the flagship practice. In fact, it is the practice that lends the credibility to the medspa services, which is why the branding between the two business groups needs to be synchronized and coherent. From a design perspective, the logo and branding of the medspa need to include the iconic elements of the practice branding with a slight deviation. The goal is to capitalize on the practice branding to visually communicate the bond between the two spaces (and why you should visit the medspa if you’re already a patient of the practice or vice-versa) while also indicating that this space is different and offers independent services.

Branding is not just the ‘look and feel’ of a practice, it is a business strategy. It is the face of your practice and encapsulates everything you want to communicate about your practice to potential, current, and new patients. It starts the conversation. Now take a look at your medical practice branding and see if reflects your practice personality and says all that you want to say.

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