Recommendations for Practice Success

Take Advantage Of The Summer

The summer can be a slow time for any office but there are ways to prepare for a profitable fall and guarantee practice success. This June 2016, DS Group shares three top recommendations for the weeks ahead.

Strategize Fall Activations

Anticipating your post-summer marketing communication is a smart way to prepare for the fall. September is a time for patients to consider skin checks, repairing summer sun damage and undoing hyperpigmentation. Consider promoting popular laser resurfacing and rejuvenating treatments such as Clear+Brilliant or Fraxel.

Dissect The Practice Inventory

Even if you’re already familiar with your skincare numbers, there’s always a benefit to re-assessing sales sku by sku. Products that aren’t selling are either not resonating with patients, or may require more attention such as bundling with other products, or patient education. Coordinate staff education sessions on skin care, testers, and sampling to boost interest or invest in a newer technology that inspires patient purchase.

Dedicate Time For In-Depth Staff Training

Consistent staff training is an essential investment, and the summer is a great time for more focused sessions that set you up for practice success. Whether it’s reviewing technologies, implementing new efficiency processes or connecting on patient care and customer service, consider the practice priorities before crafting a training action plan.

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