Maximize The Holiday Season For Practice Growth

Maximize The Holiday Season For Practice Growth

Looking for practice growth this December? The holiday hustle and bustle translates into a sizable opportunity for aesthetic services. As patients juggle gatherings and errands, each person could benefit from a gentle resurfacing treatment for a refreshed, party-season glow. The challenge is that patients commonly perceive that aesthetic services mean downtime, visible healing and a need to go into hiding. The critical period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, however, gives us the opportunity to focus on those superficial, instant-gratification treatments that often go unpromoted.

Below, we have outlined five easy things you can do to maximize this holiday rush!

1. Make sure your appointment schedule offers availability during peak hours.

Think of these holiday appointments as airbrushing the skin before a big event. That means patients will want to come in the day of or the day before their holiday gatherings. We find that the most sought-out appointments during this time are on Thursdays from mid-afternoon to early evening, all day on Friday ( especially in the late afternoon), and Saturday mornings to mid-afternoon. It is worth modifying your practice hours and service provider availability to accommodate these peak rush hours.

2. Every patient’s goal is to walk out of your office with ‘that glow’. Structure treatment packages that do just that.

Relevant treatments during this time include mild peels with lactic acid to hydrate the skin, dermaplaning to instantly resurface the dull upper layers of the skin and even superficial microneedling to deliver brightening, moisturizing topicals. Don’t forget the key opportunity for injectables as well. This is one of the few high-ticket treatments that provides minimal to no downtime. Just be prepared with full coverage makeup if bruising occurs.

3. Take advantage of branded gift-kits for last minute shoppers.

Skincare brands have created exclusive holiday kits that provide patients with an added value while allowing experiencing new products. Kit inventory can be limited, so it’s important to order them in advance before they run out. Again, patients are more likely to purchase products that provide instant gratification and make them feel good, so focus on stocking kits with hydration (serums and moisturizers), gentle exfoliating products or treatments that feature masques.

4. Practice growth for the future. Don’t forget about 2018 and the new technologies you would like to offer your patients.

Now is the perfect time to explore purchasing or leasing that new device you have been eyeing. Manufacturers are offering exclusive promotions to make their annual goals and clear out 2017 inventory. Likewise, financing terms are quite favorable with some lenders offering no payments due for up to two years.

5. Last but not least, give thanks!

Practices are built by the loyal and continuous patronage of patients and it is important at this time to thank them for their trust and loyalty. Developing holiday cards with a small gift of thanks will go a long way in continuing to build and maintain those critical relationships that are the cornerstone of sustainable practice growth.

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