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Marketing For An Aesthetic Practice: 2017 Results and Growth

Every year we are inspired by the achievements and successes of our clients and 2017 was no exception! In our view, marketing for an aesthetic practice is all about a clear understanding of the practice brand and goals, and working with every level of the team to achieve strategic growth. Read on for a preview of our top results this year, with some tips on how to achieve similar, landmark results.

Aesthetic Practice Skincare Sales Growth

In just a few months, we helped practices achieve a 32% growth in skincare sales year over year. Many medical offices are skeptical about the opportunity in skincare, especially as major online retailers such as Amazon and DermStore continue to increase their market share in professional skincare. But our team works closely with practices to drive sustainable growth that will keep patients coming back to repurchase their favorite products again and again. Two of our top tips include:

  • Select a highly edited line of products that are relevant to your patient profile and loved by your staff (your most important product advocates and sellers!).
  • Explore private label skin care opportunities. They can be customized to your patient base and can’t be replicated elsewhere or bought online at a discount. Just make sure they’re high quality, efficacious formulas.

Aesthetic Service Sales Growth

At a staggering 57% increase in aesthetic services sales in 12 months, 2017 was an incredible year for our clients. As competition has spiked in the cosmetic market, the opportunity to stand out and grow the practice is tougher than ever. But with the right focus and understanding of what patients are looking for and wanting today, it’s achievable. Some advice?

  • Pay attention to popular treatments. No matter how many IPL or Fraxel treatments you perform per month, the true growth opportunity is in the newer procedures, techniques, and technologies that are being featured in the media. Whether it’s PRP for hair growth, body contouring devices or injectable butt lifts, at the very least pay attention to trends and what patients are asking about. At some point, you may want to consider making an investment in a treatment that works for you and your practice.
  • Don’t be afraid to bundle. Few treatments can do it all, and patients are more and more receptive to combination treatment plans that will give them the best, long-lasting results.

Digital Growth For An Aesthetic Practice

A 345% increase in new website traffic? +67% in online form submissions? What about 343% increase in social media followers? It’s safe to say that digital growth for our clients saw a record year. The digital landscape rewards the fastidious and consistent, with regular content creation, search engine optimization work and updated pages. The same goes for those players on social media, though the landscape has changed dramatically in recent months with a greater emphasis on paid media. Ideas for maximizing your digital efforts?

  • Invest in SEO and know your site analytics. It always surprises us to see how little practices know about the performance of their website and can identify what’s working and what’s not. The truth remains that your website can be a major business driver (and new patient lead generator) if it’s run properly.
  • Understand that social media is a no longer very ‘organic.’ Gone are the days where practices could gain thousands of followers overnight by just posting several times a day. Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) now operate like any other media platform and, as a business, you have to ‘pay to play,’ just like everyone else. The good news is that is can still be much cheaper and more targeted than other media channels making it an effective and worthwhile investment.

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