Exploring 3 Aesthetic Trends from 2016

It’s been a dynamic year with exciting innovation in the aesthetic industry and many new aesthetic trends. Here are just a few things we’ve observed over the last few months:

Aesthetic Trend: Targeted Body Sculpting

1. Targeted sculpting procedures are on the rise with technologies such as Kybella and the Coolsculpting CoolMini that are opening up new avenues for treating stubborn fat pockets under the chin. The opportunities are endless and we only anticipate this becoming more popular and spurring other aesthetic trends as spin-offs.

Aesthetic Trend: Female Rejuvenation

2. Female rejuvenation goes beyond surgery with new laser procedures that address symptoms of discomfort, dryness, laxity and stress incontinence. It’s transforming the lives of countless women suffering from hormonal changes and the aftereffects of childbirth. On our radar? Companies that include ThermiVa and Mona List.

Aesthetic Trend: Hair Loss Treatment

3. Hair loss treatment is taking center stage with PRP (platelet rich plasma), microneedling treatments and high-performance homecare including prescription-strength minoxidil and supplements. We even see practices combining these treatments with popular nutraceuticals such as Nutrafol.

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